Parallel World

Hallo, but It is appropriate that I should u's "Good Evening".

Recently I wonder if I have another life ,somewhere far and unknown for us.

Have you thought about your another things? Not necessarily lives.

Friends who you don't know about this endpoint and also the reverse of this phenomenon,

Perhaps it applies to your Jobs, grade , score  & credits of school.

the reason is that we only recognize 3 or less-dimensional matter, and just it is not included

(Rather "contain?") this parallel dimension.

Just Imagine time-dimension, and (we can) assume that some and not-each-parallel time-dimension exists in the world. honestly, It is not ginger to laugh ,Against that

I say "exists in the world". If yor can move between two time-dimensions fluidly,

Can you said that it is possible to raise a proof of existance of 2 or more time-dimensions?

Already this talk was on this blog, and please say again,

We can't deny that no time-dimensions except now we experiense exists.

In briefly, we can imagine any new direction of the world and

               we cannot deny any this one.

If I have a god gift of this, So easy to do anything,  and I  want to  be loved by all woman, especially high-school girls and confessed many times. and for wish I would like to,

change the destiny whose enomors me for the first time in my life, by my passion.

Nook, Just I remembered something to do.

I 'll see you for the next time.  ya!


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